Rock the Drops has had a facelift!

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Welcome to our new website!  The other one just wasn't doing it for us so we decided to update and rebrand our website!  Don't you just love the look to it!!

Please have fun and take a look around our new website.  As you will see, we have started something new... What's that?  Well, we just purchased a new printer that is amazing!  It's Eco Friendly and now you will be able to clean your backdrops much easier than before.  We have done a lot of testing from our new printer and you can use all sorts of things to clean your drops!  We tested it with regular soap and water, clorox bleach wipes, we 'spilled' milk on the material and we even put peanut butter and had our dog lick it up... Did anything happen??  Nope! It was perfect!  Our inks are now cured by heat instead of water based inks.  And it's Eco Friendly!    A lot of backdrop companies use Solvent Based Printers which leave off VOC's which are bad for your health and environment.  This new technology that we are using is approved for in hospitals because it's safe!  

We have found a new vinyl!! This vinyl is NOT and I repeat NOT SHINY!  It is a matte finish and it will not glare. This photo was taken on our new glare free eco friendly luxe vinyl.  You can clean it and it's very durable.  It is not a cheap vinyl that other companies use either.  We first started out with a less expensive vinyl and it was really not good quality at all so we tested out another one and we are very happy with this material. 

We have also lowered the prices of our original poly that we have been selling for over two years.  We still LOVE our original poly!  We have just lowered the price a bit to make room for our new products that are coming out!

We have now added over 30 new backdrop designs!  We are incredibly excited over these new designs!  

We had high school seniors in mind when coming up with these!  We look at styles all over the place and we are trying to come up with designs that match these kid's clothing styles.  We do not want to come out with boring backdrops for these awesome seniors!

This one is called Gold Mine.  It was created by Cora Mae.  We absolutely love this design!



Here is another awesome design called Geo by Cora Mae Designs. 



Here is another new drop called Modern Chic


Here is Dakota


And... Gray Feather


We hope you LOVE our new designs!!  We have worked so hard designing and working up new and fresh concepts!!!  

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